Disciplines – Bible and Society Master (program in liquidation)

1 st Year of Study

1st Semester Credits
Major theological themes in the Old Testament 8
Major theological themes in the New Testament 8
Ethics and academic integrity 2
Theology and politics from a Pentecostal perspective (5)
Spirituality of Christian worship in the book of Psalms 5
Communion and Conflict in 1 Corinthians 7
The context of the Jewish and Greek Roman of the New Testament (O) (7)
Total 30


2nd Semester Credits
Theology of work 8
The Holy Spirit, in the mission of the Church 8
Christology and Christian discipleship in the Gospel of Mark (O) (7)
The social dimension of Luke’s writings 7
Election, redemption and identity in the life of God’s people (O) (7)
Theology of material possessions 7
Total 30

2nd Year of Study

1st Semester Credits
Biblical principles of Christian leadership 8
Family theology 8
Christian ethics and the common good (O) (7)
The Church, the Bible and the society 7
Advanced exegesis of the New Testament (O) (7)
Advanced exegesis of the Old Testament 7
Total 30


2nd Semester Credits
The history of the relationship between the church and the state 8
Social justice in prophetic writings 8
Gospel and culture 7
Theology, spirituality and the Pentecostal mission (O) (7)
Theology and social reconciliation 7
Total 30
Masters dissertation writing 5
 Specialized practice

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