General Information

Research in ITPB is undertaken in accordance with: the Law of Education No. 1 of 2011; the Government Resolution No. 57 of 2002 pertaining research which was approved through Law No. 324 of 2003; Law No. 319 of 2003 regarding the status of research personnel; ITPB’s Charter; and the by-laws regulating the organization and development of research in ITPB.

Confessional higher education places an emphasis on research as a way of professional advancement and improvement after the completion of a doctoral degree. The research output of the teaching personnel is appreciated according to clearly formulated criteria.

Research activities in ITPB are organized within the Faculty of Pentecostal Theology and within the Research Centre “Bible and Society”. The research activity is coordinated by ITPB’s Senate.

Every member of the teaching staff is involved in a specific area of research, according to their specialization: Old and New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Dogmatic Theology, and Practical Theology.