ITPB Administrative Council

The leadership structure of ITPB, as established under ITPB’s Charter, consists of: ITPB’s Senate and ITPB’s Administrative Board (Consiliul de Administrație).
ITPB’s Administrative Board is ensuring that all Senate decisions are implemented and provides leadership for ongoing activities.

Various other compartments and services have been established, with clear definitions of their responsibilities and authority, in order to ensure ITPB’s proper operation. The number of teaching staff employed reflects the current legal requirements pertaining to teaching positions in higher education as well as the specific of ITPB as a small university, operating a single faculty and serving a limited number of students.

ITPB’s Administrative Board

Pastor Lector univ. dr. Ioan Brie, Rector ITPB
Pastor Liviu Axinte, Representative of the Christian Pentecostal Denomination of Romania
Lector univ. dr. Vasile Romulus Ganea, Dean of the Faculty of Pentecostal Theology
Conf. univ. dr. Ciprian Bălăban, Director of the Department of Pentecostal Pastoral Theology
Pastor Emil Meştereagă, Students’ Pastor
Ms. Mihaela Colea, Business Manager
Nicolae Dragomir, Administrator
Ionel Pencea, Administrator
Coșarbă Alex, student