ITPB Board

The Board of ITPB is an Executive body that takes responsibility for directing the work of the institution in administrative-financial areas. The responsibilities of the Board do not coincide with those of the Senate of ITPB.
Given its responsibilities, the Board is subordinated both to the Executive Committee of the Romanian Pentecostal Christian Denomination and to the Senate of ITPB. The Board of ITPB, chaired by a President, provides solutions and ensures the good working of ITPB’s economic and administrative structures, establishes fund-raising and budgetary strategies, analyses and provides input to the ITPB Senate in regard with the material base of ITPB, facilities, maintenance, investments and employment in the administrative and technical departments of the institution.

The Board of ITPB:

Pastor Valeriu Mocan

Pastor Emil Meştereagă

Pastor Moise Ardelean (President of the Romanian Pentecostal Christian Denomination)
Pastor Lector univ. dr. Ioan Brie (ITPB’s Rector)
Pastor Ioan Gurău
Pastor Ioan Repede
Ioan Sigheartău
Dionisie Găină
Pastor Romu Mocan
Pastor Victor Șuteu
Florin Mitric
Arghir Șeuleanu
George Beju
Cornel Mihai
Pastor Victor Cîmpean
Radu Țîrle
Matei Baciu