ITPB Leadership structure

The basic managerial structure includes the Rector. The Rector, or another member of the teaching staff appointed by the Rector, represents ITPB in relation with higher education organizations and structures, nationally and internationally.

ITPB operates within the current legal framework, according to the principles defined in its Charter, and on the basis of self-defined regulations. ITPB’s autonomy as an institution of higher education is guaranteed under the current legislation, as established and regulated through the Romanian Constitution and the Law of Education. Because of this principle of autonomy, in its relation to government administrative and political bodies ITPB has freedom of choice in regard with its structure, leadership, administration and operation, as well as in terms of how it relates to similar institutions in Romania and abroad. Thus, internal by-laws are developed and implemented in order to regulate the operation of ITPB in all areas of its activity.
ITPB has a structure, designed to reflect the requirements of the European higher education environment. Analytically, this is available in ITPB’s organizational chart.
The academic and administrative structures of ITPB resemble the structures of similar institutions from the national higher education network, being adapted, however, to fit the specificity of ITPB, which is a relatively small university, within which there operates one faculty, running two study programmes (undergraduate and graduate) for a limited number of students, proportionate to the needs of the Romanian Pentecostal Church.
The election of the institutional leadership is done according to the by-laws established for such procedures in ITPB.

Management and Organizational Structure

Rector (President) of ITPB
Pastor Lector univ. dr. Ioan Brie, CV

President of ITPB’s Senate
Pastor Lector univ. dr. Eugen Jugaru, CV

Dean of the Faculty of Pentecostal Theology
Lector univ. dr. Vasile Romulus Ganea, CV

Director of the Departmnet of Pentecostal Pastoral Theology
Lector univ. dr. Ciprian Bălăban, CV

Business Manager
Economist Mihaela Colea

Students’ Pastor
Pastor Emil Meştereagă, CV