ITPB Students Pastor

Pastor Emil Meştereagă, CV 
Pastor of the “Vestea Bună” Christian Pentecostal Church
Vice-president of the Romanian Christian Pentecostal Denomination for the Bucharest region.
Research interests: The theology of pastoral ministry; Missiology and formation for missions; Spiritual formation of the Christian minister.
He is married to Nicoleta and they have two children together: Andreea and Laura.

The Students’ Pastor is responsible for organising, implementing and evaluating the practicum part of the educational programme. The three objectives of the Students’ Pastor’s work are:
Pastoring the students during the period they reside on ITPB’s campus. For a period of four years, students live 9 moths per year in the Campus. Besides their primordial activity, which is study, students are also in search of directions for life and ministry. To questions regarding the finding of a suitable spouse and regarding the future ministry in which they will involve.