Language Policy

Language of instruction
The language of instruction in ITPB is Romanian. A one semester Romanian language course is offered to all incoming students. This course presupposes previous knowledge of the language.
In case of lectures or materials in other languages than Romanian, ITPB ensures that translation into Romanian is provided so that access to the minimum necessary information for successful completion of the offered educational programme is available to every student.

Secondary language requirements
All ITPB students are required to take 4 semesters of English. This ensures their access to the large variety of study materials available in English in ITPB’s library as well as access to special lectures delivered in English by visiting lecturers.

For mobility students
Outgoing mobility students, including ERASMUS mobility, are required to take an English proficiency test. The expected proficiency level for passing such a test approximates to B2/B1 in the European Language Portfolio (Listening and Reading at level B2, Writing at level B1).
Incoming mobility students should be able to follow lectures in either Romanian or English.