Mission and Objectives

A. The Vision Statement of ITPB
Inspired by the Great Commission and the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Pentecostal Theological Institute aims to equip ministers, servants of God, with a Christ-like character and a solid theological education who will build up Christ’s Church and will expand God’s Kingdom.

B. Fundamental Objectives of ITPB

  1. The imprinting of a Christ-like character on each student, and the pursuit of love for God and neighbour, through the renewal work of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The participation in the mission of the Church for the evangelization of the world.
  3. The continuous development of ITPB to be a centre of Romanian Pentecostal theology, visible in and out of the country.
  4. The formation of ministers for the church, good preachers, pastors, religious educators and chaplains, trained theologically according to Biblical principles, the Statement of Faith and the Statute of the Pentecostal Christian Denomination of Romania.
  5. The promotion of doctrinal Christian Pentecostal principles and of Pentecostal ethos within on Romanian cultural arena.
  6. The promotion of Biblical moral values within the society.
  7. The promotion of a spirit of openness and religious freedom in contemporary Romania (ITPB Charter, Article 12).

ITPB’s Strategic Plan: general directions to be followed

1. Formation of ministers for the church, preachers and pastors well trained theologically.
2. Development and maintenance of a strong relationship with the Pentecostal Christian Denomination.
3. Affirmation of ITPB’s Pentecostal identity within the context of the Romanian Pentecostal ethos.
4. Development of ITPB as a centre of Romanian Pentecostal Theology, known nationally and internationally.
5. Development of ITPB on a horizontal plane by opening a ned educational specialization to include both male and female students.
6. Development of ITPB on a vertical plane by opening further master programmes and a doctoral school.
7. Development of ITPB’s facilities through the modernization and expansion of the current campus. Plans are in place for new facilities consisting of 12 classrooms, one auditorium, one media lab, a chapel of 350 seats, two meeting-rooms, spaces for socialization, library and offices. Since there are plans in place that the City of Bucharest will build a major road near the backside of the land where the new campus construction is to be erected, the new building will be positioned facing that road. The new building will provide 5600 square meters of space. Also, the current buildings will be modernized: a new floor will be added to the current educational centre, which will become a residence to host professors and students; the addition of three floors on top of the current dining area and of another floor on top of the current dorm to provide accommodation for the growing number of undergraduate and graduate students.