Study Plan „Bible and Society” master degree – program in liquidation

The Master Degree is delivered over a period of 2 years, that is, 4 semesters.
The total required number of credit hours for the course is 120 (+ 10 credit hours given for the final examination).
The main objective of the programme is to train students to interpret the Bible relevantly so that its message speaks to contemporary the Christian community.

Specific objectives:
– To learn biblical exegetical methods for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the sacred text;
– To become familiar with different methods of biblical interpretation, leading correct applications of biblical truth in addressing key issues in the contemporary society;
– To adopt a biblical view in regard with theological, social and political contemporary issues;
– To create and develop a community of scholars involved in exegetical work and biblical theology.

The study programme aims to provide a solid base in biblical theology. In addition, students take classes in biblical hermeneutics and systematic theology. These provide a rounded up education and the formation of competencies for good professional performance. The programme emphasizes the courses designed to develop students’ exegetical skills, research skills and the practical application of knowledge in church contexts.

The Study Programme can be downloaded here and here.