Disciplines Master Degree (TPA)

1 st Year of Study

1st Semester Credits
Major theological themes in the Old Testament 7
Major theological themes in the New Testament 7
Ethics and academic integrity 2
Christian counseling 1 7
The chaplain in the service of the community (7)
Political correctness and cultural Marxism 7
Small groups ministry (7)
Total 30


2nd Semester Credits
The Holy Spirit in the Church mission – the biblical theology of church planting and leading 6
Biblical theology of disease, suffering and healing 7
Internship 3
Christian counseling 2 7
Music in church worship (7)
Youth pastoral ministry and youth ministry growth 7
Pastoral ministry,  spiritual development and mission in a digital age (7)
Total                    30

2nd Year of Study

1st Semester Credits
Biblical principles for Christian leadership 8
Communion and conflict in 1 Corinthians 8
Christian counseling 3 7
Work ethics and theology    (7)
The Church – State Relationship 7
Family theology (7)
Total 30


2nd Semester Credits
Contemporary theological challenges 7
Social justice and Holy Scripture 8
Writing the master’s dissertation 5
Advanced biblical exegesis 5
Mission, vision and strategic church planning (5)
Christian discipleship and mentoring 5
The profile of the Pentecostal pastor (5)
 Total  30

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