ITPB Senate

ITPB’s Senate is the ultimate authority within the institution. It consists of 11 members: 8 members of the teaching staff and 3 students. Thus students represent over 25% of the Senate membership.
Subordinate to the Senate, there are two committees: the Ethics Committee, which gives its input in Senate decisions pertaining to breach of Christian ethical and academic norms; and the Quality Evaluation and Assurance Committee (CEAC) that monitors the quality of all educational processes in ITPB.

ITPB’s Senate

1. Pastor Lector univ. dr. Eugen Jugaru – president
2. Lector univ dr. Ganea Romulus
3. Pastor Conf. univ. dr. Terinte Ciprian Flavius
4. Conf. univ. dr. Emanuel Conțac
5. Lector univ. dr. Ciprian Bălăban
6. Pastor Lector univ. dr. Ioan Szasz
7. Lector univ. dr. Dragoș Ștefănică
8. Diacon Asist. univ. dr. Dumitru Piscuc
9. Pasc Ioan Nicolae- Student
10. Pap Samuel Darius – Student
11. Todean Dorin – Student