Identification elements of ITPB

ITPB is identified through its name, emblem, seal, embossed stamp as regulated by the Ministry of Education (M.E.C.I.) decision No. 256F/13.07.2009, flag and headquarters:
• Name: Institutul Teologic Penticostal din municipiul Bucureşti, abbreviated ITPB (Theological Pentecostal Institute from the city of Bucharest).
• Headquarters: the institution is located at Bd. Uverturii 210-220, Bucharest, Romania;
• Web page:
The Day of ITPB is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of the month of October. The event is held in one of the Pentecostal Churches from Bucharest and it consists of a special religious ceremony.

ITPB operates as an accredited higher education institution, a private legal entity of public utility, which is a part of the national system of education, on the basis of the Romanian Constitution, as regulated through the Law of Education No. 1 of 2011 and as established through the Law No. 194 from 21 October 2008. The Romanian government does not fund ITPB.
ITPB belongs to the Pentecostal Christian Denomination – The Apostolic Church of God from Romania. It is the official institution through which the Romanian Pentecostal Church is educating and training its ministerial personnel. ITPB’s sources of financing consist of: the fees paid by its students; the funding given by the Pentecostal Christian Denomination – The Apostolic Church of God from Romania, and donations/sponsorship from sources from Romania and abroad.

Within ITPB operates one faculty, offering a university study programme of 4 years, delivered both residentially and non-residentially: the Faculty of Pentecostal Theology, with a study programme in Pentecostal pastoral theology.
Since the academic year 2005-2006, the educational programme of ITPB is organized according to the principles of the Bologna reform and is delivered within the framework of the Faculty of Pentecostal Theology.

Research work is also carried out in ITPB and the results of research are published in the journal Plērōma, which is the journal that represents Pentecostal higher education in Romania (see Also, a research centre called “Bible and Society” operates within ITPB.