Study Plan – Bachelor Degree

The process of education in the Theological Pentecostal Institute from Bucharest is structured according to the Romanian law on education, Law no. 1/2011.
The Study Programme is organised as specified in: Government Decision no. 88/2005 regarding the structure of Bachelor degrees, the bylaws regulating the professional activity of the students and the bylaws pertaining to the implementation of the European Credit Transfer System for the First Cycle of studies.

The distribution of subjects each semester, the allocation of credit hours for reach subject, and the evaluation procedures for each course taught are specified in the study plan(s) of the Faculty of Pentecostal Theology. The work-load for a full semester of studies amounts to 30 credit hours (ECTS). This means that in order to complete the bachelor degree, with a major in “Pentecostal Pastoral Theology”, offered by our institution, students must complete 240 ECTS.

Each study plan offered follows current legal requirements and has been developed after consulting study plans in theology from Romania and abroad, thus ensuring the compatibility of ITPB’s offer with theological education in the region. Moreover, taking into account the purpose of the programme (training of ministers for the Romanian Pentecostal Denomination), in the development process of the study programme, heavy emphasis was placed on the recommendations of the general Church Council of the Romanian Pentecostal Denomination.

The Faculty of Pentecostal Theology offers a specialization in “Pentecostal Pastoral Theology” delivered via two study plans – one that was launched in the academic year 2013–2013 and another launched in 2016–2017.

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