The Theological Pentecostal Institute from Bucharest is a denominational institution of higher education, established by the Christian Pentecostal Denomination of Romania, accredited since 21st of October 2008, by Law No. 194, published in MONITORUL OFICIAL (official Romanian Government Records), Part I, Year 176 (XX) – No. 724, Friday, 24 October 2008. See a PDF of the Law (pages 4–5).

During the month of May 2014, the Theological Pentecostal Institute from Bucharest has undergone an institutional evaluation, carried out by ARACIS (the Romanian accrediting agency), and has received the qualification TRUSTED. This qualification was granted in the ARACIS Council meeting, on the 24th of July 2014, on the basis of recommendations from the evaluation committee, submitted to the council, subsequent to the committee’s on-site visit at ITP.

The reports of the evaluation committee are accessible here.