General Information

ITPB’s library covers a surface of 169,9 square meters and consists of 25,000 volumes (books and series of books). Most of these resources are in English and Romanian, although reference works in German and French are also available. Out of the total, over 75% of these are works of a particular Protestant theology orientation and Pentecostal doctrinal specificity.

Since March 2016 ITPB library users have access to the ATLA Serials database via EBSCO.

Since March 2013, ITPB’s library implemented the Liberty 5 software, a professional computer platform for efficient cataloguing and circulation activities. Since then, library users can search and identify the bibliographic resources available using an electronic cataloguing and holdings system that is connected to the Liberty 5 platform so that the holdings database (the electronic catalogue) is updated with the new entries in real time. To access ITPB’s electronic catalogue, click here.

ITPB’s library is an extraordinary member of the European Theological Libraries association and has strong ties of cooperation with theological libraries in Romania and abroad.
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