On the Idea of a Christian University

We announce the appearance of the book “On the Idea of a Christian University,” edited by two professors of the Pentecostal Theological Institute – Marcel V. Măcelaru, Ciprian-Flavius Terinte  and by prof. dr. Corneliu Constantineanu.

This volume has its origins in the international symposium The Idea of a Christian University held at Institutul Teologic Penticostal from Bucharest, Romania, during 23–24 May 2013. The event gathered together theologians and educators from around European and got them engaged in an exploration of the meaning and method of higher education as seen in relation to Christian faith and within the practice of Christian communities. The papers given at the conference are reproduced here in the hope that the insights they offer will prompt further reflection on the place  and necessity of Christian higher education with in the contemporary society.

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