Prof. David Han and Prof. William Simmons at ITPB

Later update:

For information and photos about visit of David Han and William Simmons at ITPB, please visit our site (here and here).

In March 19-23, 2018, ITPB’s master students will have the opportunity to have courses with David Han, Dean of the Penticostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN, USA and William Simmons, professor of Greek and The New Testament at Lee University (Cleveland, TN).

Dr. David Han will be in Romania from 19-22 March, and he will teach the Pentecostal Theology, Spirituality, and Pentecostal Mission and he will be present in several pentecostal romanian churches where he will serve by preaching the Word.

Dr. William Simmons will be in Romania from 19-23 March and he will teach about Pauline theology. On this occasion, we remind you that Dr. William Simmons wrote the book The Peoples of the New Testament World, which is recognized as one of the top five best books in Bible Reference and Study. (the book is also in our school library).

We are honored to have these two professors as our guests, and we wish that the time they spend at ITPB and in the churches of  Romania to be blessed by our Lord.