RTO Conference – Vital Church, Maranatha Sacramento

In November, Nelu Brie, Rector of ITPB, was on a trip to the USA, and on November 12-14 he was present at the annual RTO conference on “Vital Church” organized by the Church of God Romanian Territory Office. The event took place at Maranatha Church in Sacramento and was organized by Pastor Moise Gaode and Pastor Florin Cîmpean. The speakers at this conference were Pastor Simi Timbuc, Pastor Teo Scorte, Andrew Vălean, Dr. J. David Stephens, Simi Avram, Dr. David Ramirez (who visited our school in 2016 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary years since the founding of the Pentecostal theological seminary), Pastor Florin Cîmpean and Pastor Nelu Brie.

May God bless the work that is being done in the Romanian churches on the American continent.

To view the conference messages, click here.