Biblija i ravnopravnost spolova. Zbornic radova [Bible and Gender Equality]

This book represents the proceedings of an international, interdenominational, multidisciplinary conference on Bible and gender equality. A number of very qualified presenters have offered excellent explorations from various perspectives on this, extremely important topic. Indeed, the question of gender equality is a continuous concern in today’s world both for theoreticians and, especially, for practitioners, religious leaders and activists. Even a cursory overview of the world’s statistics regarding the historical reality of everyday life for most of the countries worldwide shows that there are huge inequalities between women and men at all levels, and this in spite of an increasing awareness against any kind of exploitation. Despite the fact that women have major roles in food production, income generation, community organization and domestic responsibilities, they still “have fewer rights, lower education and health status, less income, and less access to resources and decision-making than men.” There are still many social, economic, political, and legal inequalities: for example women’s illiteracy worldwide is 2/3 higher than that of men, almost 70% of world’s poorest people are female, women are much less represented in political structure of governments, they are underpaid, are still suffering from physical abuse. These facts alone give sufficient reasons to all of us to be constantly preoccupied with issues of gender equality, as they challenge us to further thinking and serious work in this area. While we do recognize that there are, of course, many improvements in the women’s status worldwide, there have to be constant and sustained efforts for equal right to education and legal representation; equal opportunity to work and develop their talents; for women to be free from violence, abuse and exploitation; to support equal participation of women and men in making decisions; to fight for reducing the gap between women’s and men’s access to and control of resources and the benefits of development.The essay by Corneliu Constantineanu, “Ravnopravnost Spolova – stalna preokupacija za zvijet i crkvu.” [“Gender Equality – a constant preoccupation for the world and church”], offers a biblical perspective on the topic of equality arguing for the need to find resources for churches to enable them to deal appropriately with the issue of equality. It points out some essential aspects of biblical equality as well as direct the reader to some resources for further reading in this area, especially those which highlight the significant role that women played in the biblical times and in the life of the churches in earliest Christianity.Biblija i ravnopravnost spolova. Zbornic radova [Bible and Gender Equality]. Edited by Antal Balog and Julijana Tesia. Osijek: Evandeoski teoloski fakultet, 2008.